[Android] Record and add voice over to your sketches with Clarisketch

You can find a plethora of drawing tools for Android but what you usually don’t get is the ability to record and add voice overs to your drawings or photos. Clarisketch for Android is a free app that lets you draw, sketch and add voice-overs with ease.

Clarisketch features basic drawing tools like a brush, paint, eraser, undo, redo, zoom tools etc. These may not be as good as what you’ll get in other applications like Sketchbook but that’s not what Clarisketch is about in the first place. The main feature that distinguishes Clarisketch with other available apps is the ability to record and add voice over.


Clarisketch is very simple to use. It has a user-friendly UI (user interface). After you’ve downloaded Clarisketch, you’ll notice that there are three options for drawing. You can either draw on a blank canvas, use an existing photo or take one using your device’s camera. As soon you’re ready, tap on the ‘record’ button and start drawing! when you’re done, tap the ‘stop’ button to stop recording. However, if you don’t want the app to record your voice, there’s a mute option as well.


You can share that video with your friends, family and colleagues easily! — they don’t even need to have it installed to view that video. It can be played in any browser. You can also share that video publicly on Clarisketch’s community site or keep it private.

Clarisketch is definitely not a perfect app. If one could edit the recordings, get more (precise?) drawing tools etc, it’d be great. Hopefully, the developers are listening to user feedback and with a few tweaks here and there, they can make Clarisketch much much better.

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If you’re looking to explaining diagrams, charts or create earth shatteringly hilarious pictures of your friends, check out Clarisketch. It’s free and requires Android OS version 2.3.6 Gingerbread or higher.

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  1. Android apps and devices have given its users
    many wonderful things that we can enjoy. Being able to add my own voice over to
    a sketch using an android app is truly an amazing thing.

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