5 Rarely Used Android Keyboards Worth Giving A Try

Customization is the biggest strength of Android. The only mobile operating system, which offers plenty of tweaks and options by default to customize the interface and functions of the entire system. The next version of iOS is going to support third party keyboards. No matter how good the default apps are, the system should support alternatives and give more choices to the users. So, Apple finally understands it. Since Android is an open source, it does that job very well and there are plenty of brilliant keyboard apps available on the Play Store. Previously, I listed some of the best alternative keyboards available for Android devices. Today I’ve come with a new set of keyboards, which gives a different typing experience in your Android device. The list is as follows.

Keymonk Keyboard

The Keymonk is a simple keyboard which can easily adapt to any type of Android device. Though, it hasn’t received any update for the past one and a half years, still it works fine because of its minimal design and adaptability. Either you can tap or swipe on the keyboard to type your message. When you tap or swipe, it will leave a mark on the keyboard, until you type the next word. So that you can refer where you have tapped or swiped one the keyboard. There are not much settings or options available, all you can do is, just change the theme of the keyboard to four different colors. The interface looks similar to the new Android L keyboard.


MessagEase Keyboard

MessagEase is one of the unique keyboards on the play store. It has a whole new look from the normal QWERTY keyboards. Instead of using multiple fingers, you can type with a one finger on this keyboard. There will be nine big buttons similar to an alpha numeric keyboard, but the functions are completely different. The most used nine alphabets are highlighted on the big buttons and other alphabets will be available on the edges and corners. It needs a little practice to use this keyboard for the first time, but once your fingers got practiced you can type faster than before.

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Dextr Alphabetic Keyboard

Dextr is yet another unique keyboard for Android. This app also has a different look from the normal QWERTY arrangement. That’s why it says “Alphabetic” keyboard. As shown in the screenshot below, the first primary column will have “Vowels” and when you see the row, it will be in the alphabetical order. Numbers, Caps Lock and Emojis will be available as separate buttons on the left end. The space bar will be available at the edges of both the ends. You can add a personalized dictionary to make the keyboard more user friendly.



Minnum is a popular one-line keyboard for Android devices.  The unique design of the keyboard shrank the QWERTY arrangement and it will save a lot of space in your screen. Since, it supports all the wearable devices, if you have a Smartwatch, this is a must have app on your device. Also, this keyboard will be very helpful for people who use small screen Android devices. It supports more than six languages and the inbuilt clipboard tools helps you quickly cut, copy and paste the text. It has both free and premium versions. The free version comes with a 30-day trial period.



The Guiness world record for fastest typing was made using this Fleksy keyboard. The colorful themes and the minimal design give a stunning look to the keyboard. Fleksy is a premium application comes with a 30-day trial period. You can participate in the typing contest and unlock achievements. It helps you to extend the trial period as well as improve your typing speed. Simple gestures available on the app helps you open and close the keyboard easily on your screen. The inbuilt cloud support, will understand your typing method and sync them with your email and other social network apps on the device.

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If you are looking for an alternative to the existing keyboard on your Android device, all these keyboard apps are worth giving a try. If I’ve missed any of your favorite keyboard apps for Android, please let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.



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