Jink provides live location sharing with ingenious features

There are a lot of location sharing apps available nowadays. You can use Facebook’s Nearby Friends, Foursquare’s Swarm, Apple’s Find My Friends and many more. Jink, however, wants to step on the competition by providing some extra features that you may not find on other popular services.

Jink, developed by Taipei and San Francisco-based Greenhouse Apps, is a new location sharing app which is available for IOS and Android devices for free. It makes the location sharing process exceptionally easy. Combined with text-based messaging, you can share your location with whom you like, when you like. As soon you’ve met with the other person, the location sharing turns off automatically.


To get started, you need to sign up for Jink by providing it with your mobile number. As soon you do, you’ll receive a code which will help you in starting a private profile. From there, you can give it access to your contacts that you’d like to meet up with. Jink requires permission to use your location, contacts and push notifications.

You can invite anyone using a telephone number, if the other person doesn’t have Jink, the app will automatically send them a link to download via SMS. After they’ve downloaded, you can chat with them along-with sharing your location on a map in real-time.


Another feature Jink provides is expiration timeframe. It automatically turns off location sharing in-case you don’t meet up. Unlike Glympse, both parties need to have the app installed, except for that I’d say Jink is probably the better of the two since our main concern is privacy and simplicity.

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Jink is still in beta so if you have any suggestions for the developers, you can let them know using the Feedback form that comes with it.

Download Jink: AndroidIOS



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