Switch between your last two apps with a TV-Style tap [Android]

There are a lot of apps (free and paid) on the market that lets you switch between apps with ease. Most of them are feature rich, hence more complicated. However, LAS: Last App Switcher is a simple app that lets you switch between two of your most recent apps with a TV-Style button. As you know, there’s a button on your TV remote control that gives you the ability to switch back forth between channels with a single tap, LAS works in the same way.


For example, you’re browsing Facebook and someone sends you a message on Whatsapp. Usually, you have to minimize your browser, open up the chat application, reply to the message, go back to browser using the recent apps button to continue browsing. Suddenly, you get another text or a reply and you have to through the whole procedure again.

LAS solves this problem. It adds a little red icon on your screen which can be placed anywhere. Tap on it and you can switch to the last app you were using.


Because of simplicity, LAS is much faster and better than other app switchers, including Android’s built in application. If you’re looking for an app to make navigation and switching easier, check out Last App Switcher.

Features include:

  • Swipe up from home key or press the search shortcut to switch to the last app. This alternative lets you get rid of the floater, if you don’t like it.
  • The same search intent can also be used to call switch action from other apps such as tasker.
  • Movable button floating above all your apps.
  • Switch between two apps quickly with just a single tap.
  • Snappy transition animations configured to save you even more precious fractions of a second.
  • Semi-transparent floating button feels lot less meddlesome.
  • Extremely light on resources.
  • And It’s free, absolutely free. No ads, no hidden charges.
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Download LAS: Last App Switcher



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