Atom: The Text Editor From GitHub Makes Its Debut In Windows

GitHub is a powerful online community, developed by the founder of Linux. It has plenty of useful applications developed by members from different parts of the world. Recently, I wrote about an application from GitHub called “TvGameLauncher” which helps users to easily manage their secondary displays. GitHub has its won text editor called “Atom”, which was launched a few months back. The supported platforms were limited by time of launch, but a couple of months back, GitHub announced Atom Text Editor as an open source application. So, last month the new version of the app was launched. Lets have a look at the features and functions of the application.


Atom is a free text editor and the alpha version of the Windows app is now available for download. Though it is an alpha version, there are no limitations in the features of the application. Once you complete the installation, you will see a welcome window as shown in the screenshot above. The app has a black background in order to reduce the eye strain of the programmers. It has dark and light themes by default. If you need more themes, you can download it from the Atom’s theme package on their website.


The Atom Text Editor has tab functionality to work with multiple codes at the same time. An important feature of the application is, it is completely customizable. If you don’t like a part of a Text Editor, you can remove that and install your own package. Also, you can upload that package to GitHub community for everyone’s usage. The Node.js integration on the app, lets you choose libraries from fifty thousand node’s package repository. Also, it adds more features like C, C++ support, mix the usage of node and browser APIs and much more.

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atom text editor-3

In the “Packages Section” on the website, there are plenty of packages available to enhance the functionality of the application. Some of the sample packages are Markdown writer, Color Picker, Project Manager, etc.. The new Alpha version of the text editor is not an official app for Windows, it is customized by a member of GitHub community. Instead of building it from the scratch, you can download it to try the app on your Windows machine. Share your views about the new text editor in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

Download Atom Text Editor For Windows



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