5 Powerful File Browsing Applications For Android

The maximum storage capacity of a Smartphone has gone up to 128 Gigabytes. Especially Android Smartphones which comes with expandable storage, has more capacity to save files locally. Though we have plenty of cloud services, users always prefer local storage for most of their important files. When you have a huge storage and large number of files on your Android device, you definitely need a smart file browser to quickly search and locate your files. Previously, I wrote about a bunch of applications to explore different files on Android. Today I’ve come with a new set of powerful file browsers to efficiently manage all the files and folders on your Android device.

Root Explorer File Manager

The Root Explorer app is exclusively designed for Rooted Android devices. It lets you explore the entire Android file system and helps you locate any file or folder in your device within few seconds. The app also supports non-rooted devices. Root Explorer is more than a file manager, it has an inbuilt Cloud support from Google drive, file browsing in different tabs, network support, SQLite Database Viewer and much more. People who need an advanced file browser, Root explorer is a best choice. It is a premium app, you can purchase it for $3 from the Google Play Store.

File Expert with Clouds

File Expert with Clouds is a free file manager for Android, which comes with premium features. Apart from quick file search and browsing your files, it offers plenty of options to share your files and connect different devices. The inbuilt cloud support lets you connect Dropbox, Google drive and other popular cloud services, to backup your files. It lets you share files between devices installed File Expert application. Also, you can access your Android device, from a PC browser using the Web PC-Suite. The premium app of this application is available with root file access and much more functions.

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Explorer+ File Manager

Explorer+ is a simple file manager with intuitive user interface. In most of the file managers, root folders can be accessed only in their premium app, but Explorer+ offers access to all the root folders and hidden folders on your Android devices for free. Apart from that, cut, copy, move, share and all the other basic file operations will be available by default. There is an inbuilt option to compress and decompress the files on your device. If you are looking for a simple alternative to your default file manager, Explorer+ is a best choice.


Total Commander

Total Commander is a desktop file manager, which is now available as an app for Android with the same features and functions. All the file operations are made easy using different gestures. For instance, you can long press on folder and drag and drop into a different directory easily. The delete option in the app, can completely remove the file or folder from your device without saving in the recycle bin. Root options are available for some of the main functions in the app. You can preview pictures, play audio and video files right from the app using inbuilt media players.

Total Commander

X-plore File Manager

X-plore is yet another simple and efficient file managing application, which has a different look from the other file managers for Android. It is called “Dual-pane tree view”, which brings a quick access to your files on internal storage and SD card with just a swipe. It lets you access .ZIP, .RAR, FTP, SMB, Root files and much more on your Android device. It offers WiFi file sharing and grants access to browse all your Android files and folders from a web browser on your PC. You can configure buttons and keyboard shortcuts to quickly access your favorite files and folders.

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If I’ve missed any of your favorite file manager for Android with powerful features, please let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.



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