Dewey Makes Bookmarks More Interactive On Chrome

Before the era of Smartphones, bookmarks were meant for browsers and can be accessed only in that particular machine. The apps for Smartphones and Tablets, took this concept of “Bookmarks” to a new level and made them accessible from anywhere on the web. There are plenty of bookmark managers available for Smartphones, Tablets and different browsers to organize your favorite links. Previously, I wrote about a bunch of extensions to manage all the your bookmarks on Chrome. Today I’ve come with a new extension called “Dewey”, which gives an interactive environment to manage your bookmarks on Chrome. Here’s how it works.


Dewey is a simple app for Chrome, which offers PinInterest like interface to manage all your bookmarks. If you’ve installed the Chrome desktop app, it will directly install in that and you can access it from your desktop or else it will be in the apps section on your browser. As soon as you install the extension, it will arrange all your bookmarks in a new tab as shown in the screenshot above. Thumbnails of all the links will be displayed for quick identification. You can sort the bookmarks based on “Date, Title and URL” option above the thumbnails.


The “Tag” feature in the extension, will help you to quickly organize your bookmarks into different categories. You can add or edit the “Tag” by clicking the “Pen shaped Edit icon” in all the thumbnails. It will open a window as shown in the screenshot above. Type the keyword in the text box called “Tag” and click “Save” to add the tag. You can search tags in the Smart search bar above. It helps you to quickly search all the bookmarks using tags and different keywords. You can watch the video demo below to quickly search your bookmarks using different keywords.

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The “Settings” of the app will be available at the top right corner. There will be two check boxes to show or hide the top level folders and to show or hide the thumbnails on the bookmarks. Also, there will be a sample of search options, available below those check boxes.


If you use your bookmarks a lot in your browser, this app will make it more interactive and simple to find. Try this app in your Chrome browser and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

Download Dewey App for Chrome



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