HotelWiFiTest lets you browse hotels with good or bad WiFi connections

Planning trips can be exhausting, especially finding that perfect hotel. Everyone checks reviews of different hotels, some people prefer a relaxed environment, or an awesome swimming pool, but keeping in mind the priorities, good WiFi is becoming a huge factor. Business travelers are very much dependent on it, even families prefer contacting their loved ones using Skype or via different apps installed on their smartphones.

Yes, every hotel advertises free WiFi and how good it is, but is it really? HotelWiFiTest is a free service that started encouraging people to test the internet connection speed if they’re in a hotel hence registering it on the site. Because of that, HotelWiFiTest has now an amazing database of hotels which provide good or bad WiFi and you can easily scroll through according to your requirements.

Hotel WiFi Speed Test

You can check out hotels which provide 10mb connections to 5mb and 2mb with a click of a button. HotelWiFiTest also lets you search for any particular areas that you might be going to. HotelWiFiTest doesn’t only shows you how good or bad their WiFi is but also lists the quality of the hotel (using star system), a map, if the WiFi is paid or free, and how much low or high internet speed customers experienced.

Hotel WiFi Speed Test

HotelWiFitest is a pretty straight forward service, there are no distractions and user interface is very simple. So, if you’re planning a trip and good WiFi is on your list, you should check out HotelWiFiTest for sure!

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