Don’t miss important calls with Essential Calls for Android

Most of us usually put our phones in silent mode when we’re in a meeting or doing something important, to avoid distractions. But that also causes you to miss important calls. Sure, every call is not important but some are. Question is, how to get notified via a ringtone of important calls even though you’re phone is in silent mode? Essential Calls Lite for Android is the answer.


Essential Calls Lite gives you the ability to create a list of important contacts which is adjustable. From there, all you need to do is activate the app. Now if you’re phone is in silent mode, it will automatically be switched to ringing when you receive a call from those selected contacts. As soon you’re done with the conversation, your phone will be switched to silent mode.


After the app is activated, you’ll notice an icon in the notification area with the silent mode icon still visible. The icon disappears as soon you receive a call or a text from important contacts.

You can also choose from vibrate or ringing mode when a call comes in. To select how you want to be alerted, all you need to do is tap the ‘more’ button.

All in all, it’s a superb app that’ll make sure you don’t miss important calls.

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