[Windows] Add tabs to your Windows file explorer with BrightExplorer

The options of opening different tabs is available in almost all the browsers, you can browse numerous websites at once because of that feature. Ever thought how awesome it would be if Microsoft implemented that feature in Windows file explorer as well? There is a third party application called ‘Bright Explorer’ that brings the tab functionality to your Windows file explorer.

Bright Explorer is a free to use application for Windows OS and works pretty well on Windows 7 and Windows 8. It’s not a standalone application that has it’s own interface, in-fact it only brings the tab functionality into your existing explorer. Here’s how it works.

After you’ve downloaded the application, installed and launched, you’ll see a small icon in your task bar. It means that it has successfully installed and is ready to use.


Open your Windows file explorer and you’ll see the option of tags. Just like you add tabs in your regular browser, click on the blank tab to open a new window to add your favorite folders to it.

You’ll also notice a ‘favourites’ button under your tabs. Simply right click on it, click add and insert any destination folder’s URL that you visit the most for easier accessibility.


Additionally, to enhance your experience, the company offers different add-ons that can be purchased; like adding unlimited favourites, drag of tabs to favourite group and detach tabs. BrightExplorer does what it’s supposed to but it definitely needs more improvement. I’ve noticed a bit of delay and am assuming that it might be a memory hog.

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