Tweet anyone a link privately with Privatize

Twitter is definitely one of the most effective communications platforms people use nowadays. Sending private/direct message to someone who is following you is pretty simple. But what if you want to send someone a message that you don’t want anyone else to see? Check out

Privatize is a free web service that has the ability to send anyone a private message easily. This service doesn’t require you to register an account or download anything. Simply visit the site, log in with your Twitter account, fill in the form and you’re good to go. Here’s how it works.


After you’ve logged in, firstly, add a link to what you want to show and in second form window, type in that person’s twitter handle (like @username), your message and click on Tweet.


It will be displayed at that person’s timeline, however, it won’t be accessible for anyone else.

The main idea behind the service is that you can use it for

  • Sharing your portfolio or resume.
  • Asking for feedback on something you made.
  • Sending your friends tickets to an event or concert.
  • Showing a buddy photos that you don’t want everyone to see.
  • Inviting people to anything from a beta release to a house party.
  • Teasing an upcoming product

Check out

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