[Windows] Get rid of unwanted programs with The PC Decrapifier

Being a writer, I install a lot of applications on weekly basis and test them to see if they’re worth sharing. Often, I forget to clean the junk applications or the ones I don’t longer need. Searching and cleaning them up manually could be very time consuming. To remedy that, I stumbled upon an application called ‘The PC Decrapifier.’

The PC decrapifier is a stand-alone application that doesn’t need any installation of any type or requires you to register for a free account. Just download and launch. It is designed to remove or uninstall specific list of unwanted applications with ease.

Here’s how it works. As soon you launch the PC decrapifier, it’ll list down the items that you would like to manually remove. It shows the app’s name and it’s company for perfect identification.


The list shows all the installed (un-wanted) applications and to uninstall them just click (choose) the ones you don’t need and click next.


As soon you do, it’ll start running the uninstall process. From there, you have to manually confirm before removing every selected software. This is to prevent unwanted removals, which is good in my opinion.


PC Decrapifier is basically aimed for people who have bought a new computer and want to remove those useless bundled applications that come with the computer but it also works great for users who have had their systems for a while.

Download The PC Decrapifier

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