Manage Secondary Displays Easily Using TvGameLauncher For Windows

Second Display has become a must for most of the people out there. Especially people who own a laptop, need a second display for comfortable work flow. For Gaming and movies, a TV or a secondary HD monitor is a must for PC users. Sometimes, when we switch from our primary display to a secondary display, the windows and apps won’t appear in the same way. It may work full screen on our primary display, but won’t support full screen mode on our secondary display. Especially gamers face this problem a lot. If you are one of them, then “TvGameLauncher” is a must have application on your windows machine. You can quickly switch your primary displays and run apps smoothly on all your monitors and televisions.

TvGameLauncher is a free app for Windows. You can download it from SourceForge using the link below. Once you complete the installation, it will open a Window as shown in the screenshot below. All the controls and options to manage your secondary displays will be available in that window.


On the top of the window, it will show you the all the displays connected to your Windows machine. There will be two sections, called TV and Monitor. If you’ve connected your PC to an HD TV for Gaming or other purposes, it will be displayed in the first drop down list. All the monitors will be displayed in the second section. For instance, if you want to make your connected HD TV as a primary display, just select that in the TV section. Below that, you have an option to select the default audio endpoint. If you want to switch the audio from PC to TV speakers, you can do it here.

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After you switch to different display and want your PC or Laptop to be awake, enable the “Keep Computer Awake” option in the “Miscellaneous” section. The second option “Darken non-primary displays” will help you to turn off the PC monitor or laptop, if you are watching a movie or playing game in your secondary display. To execute apps or games on your Windows machine, just drag and drop them in the left side of the Window.

If you drag and drop an app or an executable file in the right side of the window, it will create a shortcut to automatically open that in your TV. This option will be very helpful to quickly open apps and games on your TV.

Watch the video tutorial above, to see the live demo of the process and functions of the application. TvGameLauncher is a must have application for people who use secondary displays and connect their PC to HD TVs. Try this app on your PC and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

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