[FireFox] Silently open links in new tabs with Silent Tab

What usually happens is, once you open a link in a new tab, your browser will start loading that page instantly. If you have slow internet or don’t want those videos to start playing in the background as soon you open then, give Silent Tab a try.

Silent Tab is an amazing Firefox add-on that gives you an option of opening any link silently. By that, it means that sure, it’ll open the link but it won’t load the content unless you actually click on it. Here’s how it works.

Install the Silent Tab add-on and right click on any link that you want to open. You’ll see an option of opening that link in Silent Tab, clicking on that will open that link in a new tab but it won’t load the content.


You can open as many links that you want and only load the ones that you want to. Funny thing, for some people it only shows the link’s URL while we were shown the title of that page.


Yes, you can do this by going into tools > options > don’t load tabs until selected but that would apply to each and every tab. By using Silent Tab, you have an option.

Check out Silent Tab

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