LikeManager Lets you Explore and Review All Your Likes and Shares on Facebook

We had many social networking sites before Facebook, but none of them has reached its height and its popularity. Today, Facebook is one of the important sources of world happenings and breaking news around the web. Also, most of the popular news websites and blogs have their official pages on Facebook. So, a Facebook account is enough to get all the updates from all over the internet. “Like” option in Facebook plays an important role and it can make any post go viral on the web.

All the posts you like on Facebook, can be reviewed using the “Activity Log” option in your account. Instead of scrolling down and searching the posts on “Activity Log”, you can use “LikeManger”, a new web app which quickly organizes all your likes into different categories for easy access.  Here’s how it works.


To start with LikeManager, first you need to sign up with your Facebook account. Once you initiate the Facebook connection, it will take some time to crawl all your likes and shares for the first time. In the mean time you can play “Tetris” on the same screen. Once it completes the process, it will take you to the homepage as shown in the screenshot below. In the top search bar, you can search your likes and shares using different keywords.

Next, the “Categories” section will organize your likes and shares and lets you see them in different categories like websites, videos, music, etc.. So, if you want to see only the videos you’ve liked and shared on Facebook, this will be very helpful. This feature is not available in the default “Activity Log” option on Facebook.

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LikeManager has both free and premium versions. Free version of the app will show only the last 30 likes and 30 updates a week. If you want to see all your likes and receive a daily update, you need to upgrade to a premium account. Also, premium version will let you access the app from your Smartphones and Tablets. For premium account, you need to pay around $1.36/ month. Free version of the app is pretty enough for a basic user, if you are serious about exploring all your likes, premium version of the app will be helpful.


If you are running a campaign or want to review all your Facebook likes and shares, LikeManager will be very useful for you. Try LikeManager with your Facebook account and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

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