BitMeterOS: A reliable way to monitor your bandwidth

Not everyone is using unlimited internet plan, for them monitoring how much bandwidth they’ve used is very important to avoid disconnections or pay extra. There are a lot of free and paid applications that help you monitor your bandwidth, I found BitMeter OS (free) to be one of the best ones out there.

BitMeter OS is a free and easy to use web based application that gives you the ability to track your bandwidth usage while running quietly in the background. Here’s how it works.

Download BitMeter OS, unzip and install. As soon you’ve installed the app, you’ll see a confirmation message along-with a few basic tips.


The app will start gathering data on how much information you’re about to download or upload from that point. To check your usage, just launch the BitMeter OS Web Interface by either clicking on its icon (shortcut or via start menu) or visit http://localhost:2605/ .


BitMeterOS’s interface is pretty simple. There are tabs for monitoring, history, summary, query, alerts, calculator, preferences and about.

The Monitor tabs shows your real-time bandwidth data that’s being transferred, upload and download speeds which are displayed in graphical and numerical forms.


With History tab you can see how your connection usage has changed over time, using three different graphs. It shows approximate date and times, to see exact data, just hover your mouse over a bar to see detailed information.

Summary tab displays a basic summary of your connection usage. It lists how much data has been downloaded and uploaded during different time periods.

If you want to view your connection usage during a specific date, simply head over to the Query tab. You can also create, update, delete or monitor Alerts (next tab). For example, you can get a notification when your connection usage reaches a certain limit.

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The calculator tab is another useful feature BitmMeter OS has. You can easily estimate how long data transfers will take to complete by using its built-in calculator.


The Preferences tab displays various configuration values, like appearance and behavior of the interface, which you can easily change.

All in all, it’s a great application that runs on Windows, MacOS and Linux.

Download BitMeter OS



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