Lok Lok: A Gesture Based Instant Messaging App for Android Lock Screen

A few years before, GTalk and Yahoo Messengers are the only popular instant messaging apps for desktop. Smartphones took that instant messaging concept to the next level and introduced many new apps with much more features. The concept of text messaging and MMS were completely outrun by these instant messengers and connected the whole world in a single application. Since Facebook messenger and WhatsApp are the most used messengers right now, also there are many interesting instant messengers available out there. Lok Lok is one such application for Android, which lets you send doodles and messages to your friends right from the lock screen. Here’s how it works.


Lok Lok is a free instant messaging app for Android. You can download the app from Play Store using the link below. Once you install the app, it will walk through the instructions to use the application. After completing it, the app will ask you to sign up with your email id. Using that email id, you can add and invite your friends to the application. As soon as you finish the sign up process, the app will replace your lock screen with Lok Lok screen.


The interface of the application is pretty simple and easy to understand. Since it is a gesture based instant messaging app, just double tap on the lock screen and start drawing your doodle. By default, there will be white brush to draw the doodle. You can change color, brush size, etc., on the same screen. Using double finger on the screen, will bring the eraser and you can make it bigger by expanding your fingers. As soon as you finish the doodle, tap the “Tick” mark button below to send it to that group. You can create up to three groups and add your friends using their email id.

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Apart from doodles, you can also send images from your device. Either you can choose an image from your gallery or take a photo and send it to the group. If you don’t want the app to appear on the lock screen, select small “Menu” button (three vertical dots) on the bottom, go to “Settings” (gear icon) and turn off the “lock screen” button. Instant of texting, this will give a different experience on your Smartphone. Since iPhones take a complete control over the lock screen, Lok Lok team is making some changes in the app to introduce it in iOS devices.

This is a must have application for people who have large screen phones and Tablets. Try this app in your Android device and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

Download Lok Lok from Play Store



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