Sunrise Smart Calendar App Is Now Available for Mac

A simple calendar application is essential for all types of users. The default calendar application in Smartphones and Tablets is enough for a basic user, but for people who need more features to plan and organize their events, there are plenty of powerful calendar apps out there. Sunrise is one such application to quickly create and organize events and sync them across different devices. Sunrise made its debut in iPad and later extended its support for web and Android devices. Now, the application is available for Mac OS X. The application works similar to the web app, but minor changes have been made in options and features of the app. Here’s how it works.


Sunrise is a free calendar app for Mac. You can download the app from Mac App Store using the link below. Since it supports both iCloud and Google Drive to backup and sync the user data, all your plans and events will be synced to all your devices automatically. If you are existing user, you can use iCloud to sync all your data. For new users, the interface will be pretty simple and easy to understand. Creating events and organizing them is pretty simple and quick as compared to other premium calendar apps.


Two minor changes have been made in the new Sunrise application for Mac. Native Mac notifications are added to the events you create. You will get a notification on that particular time, to remind you about the event you’ve created. Another important feature is, the application is completely accessible even when you’re offline. So, all your data will be available offline and can be accessed at any time.

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Sunrise is a free calendar app, with premium features. If you are looking for an alternative Calendar app from your default ones, Sunrise is worth giving a try. Share your views about the app in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

Download Sunrise Calendar App for Mac



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