Google Chrome: Copy, search, translate, edit and select any text from an Image

As we know, there are two types of text forms. One is in form of articles, chats, blogs, emails, tweets etc. — which can be easily copied, searched, selected, edited etc. Then there’s text we see in images like documents, comics, charts, posters, screenshots etc. You can’t, however, copy, edit, select or even translate it easily. Why? because to a computer, text in an image is considered just another part of that image. Sure, you can put it in front of you, open notepad and start typing but that would turn out to be a hectic, lengthy scenario.

Project Naptha came out with a solution in form of a Google Chrome extension. Using state-of-the-art computer vision algorithms, the extension gives you the ability to highlight, copy, translate, search, modify and erase texts from image using your right click context menu.


Project Naptha can also easily read scans and you can use the same features on them as well. Copying, pasting is pretty simple and very accurate. Yes, it can miss a few words or two on occasions but that’s something we shouldn’t pay much heap to.


In-fact, the accuracy is amazing. It can even let you copy text from photographs.


All in all, this is one heck of an amazing tool. If you’re looking to extract text from an image, photograph, scan, book etc. — Project Naptha is definitely for you.

Download Project Naptha Google Chrome Extension

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