FireFox: Limit the number of opened tabs in your browser

Do you have the habit of opening websites/tabs and don’t bother closing them? I do. If you have a plethora of tabs opened, it affects your computer’s performance and you get lost. To remedy that, Cheeaun came up with an awesome add-on for Firefox called “Max Tabs”.

Max Tabs is an awesome add-on for Firefox users. By using it, you can limit your browser to open a certain number of tabs. The default number is 10.


You can see how many tabs are currently opened in the add-ons toolbar. Funny thing, the icon they’re using is of Skype or maybe something’s wrong with my computer?

Maximum number of tabs by default is 10, as I mentioned before but you can easily change that via the Add-on settings. You can set it to 15, 20, 30, its your choice. It also works for private browsing.


That’s it. Its as simple as that. If you’re looking to set a maximum number of tabs opened in a window, want to control and restrict yourself from opening too many tabs, Max Tabs is for you.

Download Max Tabs for Firefox

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