Google Chrome: Create notes for specific websites easily

I visit a lot of websites on daily basis, subscribing to their feeds and bookmarking the ones I like. Which works but since there are so many websites in my bookmark tabs, I sometimes forget why I saved this? – I’m pretty sure this happens to a lot of us.

Presenting AnnoPad! – it’s a simple Google Chrome extension which gives us the ability to write notes for specific websites or all of them, depends on you. Here’s how it works.

After installing AnnoPad, visit a website and click on AnnoPad’s icon (top right of your browser). Click on New and start typing why you like the site, what to notice or why you bookmarked it — anything goes!


As soon you’ve written the note, click on ‘Back’ and you’re done. You also have the ability create/save/export URL specific notes with AnnoPad. You can also search notes, sort them by newest or oldest, ascending or descending.


There are three options. “All, This Page and This Site”. By clicking ‘All’, you can view all the notes you’ve saved for every website. ‘This Site’ will show you the notes saved from a particular website and ‘This Page’ link will show you the notes of the page you’re currently on.

Annopad is a notepad/bookmark hybrid and is a must recommended Google Chrome extension for all the web savvy surfers.

Download AnnoPad for Google Chrome

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