Firefox: Check for plugins updates automatically using auto plugin checker

Plugins are used to enhance users online experience, help them in certain tasks. However, keeping these plugins update can sometimes be hectic. To keep your plugins up to date helps Firefox run safely and smoothly, Mozilla has created the Plugin Check website which upon visiting list down the plugins that needs an update along-with a list of potentially vulnerable, outdated and unknown plugins.

However, there’s a better alternative to going through all that or manually updating your plugins in Firefox. An add-on called ‘Auto-plugin checker’. This add-on automates the process of manually checking and updating your plugins.


This add-on keeps an eye on your plugins and notifies you as soon there’s an update available. It doesn’t do it automatically because of security problems.

You can also change the default interval which is 24 hours by default. Either keep it the way it is and it will check for updates every day or maximize/minimize the time depending on your needs.

Features include:

  • Open update tab on plug-in update – This will open Mozilla’s Plugin Check website automatically if updates are available. Can be useful to optimize the process but may also be the only indicator that updates have been found if you have removed the add-on icon from the Firefox interface.
  • Check on Firefox start – This option runs a plugin updae check on every start of the browser.
  • Check also inactive plugins – Mozilla’s Plugin Check service does not check inactive plugins. The extension resolves this by setting the plugins to click to play during the check and back to inactive afterwards. This may slow down the check according to the developer.
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Download Auto Plugin Check for firefox



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