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As easy it is to host a video call using your favorite application (like Skype), there are times (using a public computer) when you’re not on your personal/office computer but want to start a video conference with a group of friends or family. You can’t just install Skype, log-in your personal credentials and start a video conference. However, solves that problem. is a free service that gives you the ability to host a conference call with up to 8 people for free, no sign-up/sign-in or log-in required and no download of any sort. All you need to do is visit the website, create a room and you’re good to go.


After you’ve clicked create, the service would need to access your camera and microphone to get started. Just click Allow on top left corner of your browser.


As soon you’ve allowed the service to access your camera and microphone, it’ll take you to the conference window and create a link with a name that you’ve entered to get started. To invite people, click on copy link (top left of your browser) and distribute it amongst the people you want to have that video conference with.


And that’s it. As soon those people will enter the link in their browser, they’ll be in that same video conference room and you can talk with them without any interruptions. There is also a chat option in the bottom middle, in case you want to type, share a link etc. also offers couple of more features. You have the ability to lock the room so no one else can enter and if you want to use the link for future, you can claim the room by entering your email address. If you claim that room, you can own the room name, keep the room locked, even when empty, set a custom background image, kick people out of the room and invite members to the room.

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All in all, it’s a great service for people who want to start video conferences without downloading anything or registering for an account. The service is currently available for the Web and also has its own iOS app.

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