5iler: A minimalist notepad with style (For Web and MAC)

5iler is a minimalist notepad with a style. Sid Yadav, who came up with the idea said that he was tired of numerous Text Editors, 100+ Evernote documents so he created an app which has the ability to let him work with only 5 simple and repurposable files.


The aim of 5iler is to keep things simple and maintainable, hence it’s not ‘feature rich’. But it has enough to keep users on track. Its user interface is absolutely simple. You are presented with 5 tabs/categories which are labeled as Ideas, Random, Today, Learn and Private. These 5 categories are persistent and it will auto-save anything to post/write there. Also, no need to register for any account to use this service.


You can organize your files using different colors, re-purpose them to fit the contexts relevant to you at a given time and can customize/rename the current labels as well. There are two ways of using 5iler. You can either use the web-app which stores everything you write in your browser’s local storage space or use its desktop app for the Mac.

You, however, can come across a problem where you can lose your data (if you’re using the web app) if you clear your browser’s cache. To prevent this, you can setup Dropbox syncing. You don’t need to worry about this if you are using the Mac app.

5iler also gives you the luxury of using keyboard shortcuts. You can open any file with the 1-5 number keys and holding CTRL button, and switch between them by keeping ALT pressed while hitting these numbers, sync to dropbox by pressing CTRL+S etc.

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If you’re looking for a minimalist and simple online editor, do check out 5iler. It definitely is a good alternative to store quick notes or ideas from the web.

Check out 5iler here



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