Google Chrome: Manage and group your tabs with Tab Bundler

A lot of us, including myself, have a plethora of tabs opened. I have (right now), about 25 tabs opened, they’re work related, a couple of social media sites like Twitter & Facebook and a few more. When you have this many tabs opened, you are bound to sometimes get lost in them. Not anymore, Tab Bundler for Google Chrome is an awesome extension that gives you the ability to group and manage your tabs easily.

Here’s how it works. After installing Tab Bundler from the Google Chrome store (link given below), you’ll see the extension’s icon in the top right corner of your browser. Click on it and you’ll see a few options, export, import and new bundle. Click on ‘new bundle’ and type in a name, for example, “Music”. After you’ve created your new bundle or lets say a group, click on it and it’ll show you all the current tabs opened in your browser at that moment. Deselect the ones which are not related to music by clicking on ‘x’ and that’s it.


If you want to edit a group/bundle, click on the pencil icon beside it, remove URL’s by click on ‘x’ icon or add URL’s by either manually entering the URL’s into the second text area or click on the “+” icon to the right of the text area. By clicking “+”, it will add the current opened tab/page in the bundle. Also, if you’re manually adding the URL, don’t forget to add “http://www.”


Another feature of Tab Bundler is that you can also open a bundle in a separate window. All you need to do is double click on a bundle and it will open all the added URL’s in a new window. You can also export or import your bundles by clicking on the tab icon.

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All in all, it’s an excellent extension, takes about 2 minutes for anyone to figure out how it works and you don’t have to deal with lots and lots of tabs. Just create manageable groups and you’re good to go.

Download Tab Bundler for Google Chrome.



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1 thought on “Google Chrome: Manage and group your tabs with Tab Bundler”

  1. You can just grab tabs in and out of windows, perhaps not exactly as elegant as Firefox but this way you can keep tabs separated. If you have more than a handful of groups then I would say you are doing something wrong about how you work, no amount of browser extensions will cure that.

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