Color Folders For Thunderbird Helps You Quickly Locate Important Folders

Email filtering option is commonly available at all the email services. In Gmail, there is a default option available to filter mails into different labels based on the email id, subject, etc.. Labels are similar to folders, which helps users to organize their incoming mails. Apart from having different label names, you can change label colors to quickly identify them. Thunderbird is one of the popular open source email clients and it has the same folder option to organize the incoming mails. Like Gmail, there is no default option to change the folder colors on Thunderbird. So, today I’ve come with a new add-on called “Color Folder”, which can change the folder colors on Thunderbird to quickly identify it. Here’s how it works.

You can install Color Folder for Thunderbird from the Firefox add-ons section. Add-ons are the biggest strength for Thunderbird. It helps you completely customize the features and functions of the application. As soon as you install the Color Folder in your Thunderbird application, it will enable an option to change folder colors in the right context menu.

color folder

All you have to do is, just right click on the folder you need to change the color and choose “Color Folders” option at the end. It will open a side tab, which contains some of the sample colors. Click “More Colors” option in that window, which will open a color choosing window as shown in the screenshot above. Different types of colors can be added to the folders and it can be reverted to default from the same window. The colors won’t be reflected in the sub folders you’ve created. They will remain in the same default yellow color and colors will be applied only to the main folder. If you want, you can change colors of the sub folders, but you have to do it manually.

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The add-on may look very simple, but it will be very useful in quickly locating the important folders on your Thunderbird application. This is a must have add-on for people who use Thunderbird as their primary email client and manage a lot of folders in it. If you are a Thunderbird user, try this in your app and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

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