Canon’s New Cloud Storage Offers 10GB of Cloud Space For Free

There is no shortage for cloud services on the Internet. Plenty of cloud services offers more than 100GB of cloud space for free users. There is always a difference between native cloud support of the application and using a third party cloud service. For instance, Facebook has native cloud support which helps users to upload pictures, videos, notes, etc., from their account. Native cloud support has become a must for all the popular web apps. Canon has recently joined the race and introduced its new cloud service called “Irista”, which offers 10GB of Cloud space for free. Lets have a look at the features and functions of the app.


Irista is pretty different from the normal cloud services. Unlike other services, you cannot upload all types of files to your Cloud account, only image files can be uploaded in that 10GB of storage space. It supports all types of image files and there is no file size limit in uploading the images. So, it will be a great destination for photographers to organize their photographs. The regular tag and search feature is available to categorize and quickly find the images. The tags can be created based on the location, the time and the lens that you’ve used.


Irista lets you connect your Facebook and Flickr accounts to share the photographs on your timeline. It is just like any other cloud services out there. There are no special features available to edit or enhance the images you upload. Canon may include those options in the future. The application has both free and premium accounts available. Storage is the primary difference between the free and premium users. Right now premium accounts are available only in selected countries for Europe/UK users.

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Except the storage there is no difference in features for free and premium users. So, rest of users around the world can enjoy the free account with 10GB of cloud space. It will be a great application for serious photographers and normal users can keep this a library to organize their photographs. Try this new cloud service from Canon and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

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