5 Must Have Chrome Extensions for Offline Usage

A few months before, Chrome Apps were introduced for Mac and PC to access the apps from your desktop. An important advantage in accessing these apps from your desktop is, it can be used even when you are not connected to the internet. These offline apps were available as a separate category in the Chrome web store. Initially, there were very few apps available on the offline apps section. Now many important apps extended its functionality and gives offline support. I’ve handpicked five best applications in that and listed below.

Work Flowy

WorkFlowy is a simple and powerful task managing application. The flexible notes application lets you manage all your tasks in a single place. The inbuilt nested list feature will let the users to create separate categories to arrange their notes and to-do lists. No matter it is an individual or a company task management, WorkFlowy will let you easily handle and organize any number of tasks at the same time. The inbuilt tag and search feature, will help you filter the saved notes based on different conditions. Also, you can access all your notes at anytime using the offline function of the application.

Pixlr Touch Up

Pixlr is one of the popular photo editing applications across devices. Pixlr editor is available as a separate web app and as an add-on for all the leading browsers. To access Pixlr’s web interface, you need an Internet connection, but Pixlr Touch Up will let you edit images even when you are offline. It offers all the basic image editing options like crop, rotate, color enhancers and much more. Since, Autodesk is the developer of this extension, it offers professional quality image editing tools for free. Also, you can backup your images to Google drive.

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pixlr touch up

Any Files to PDF

Compared to other file formats PDF documents are secured by default and the alignment will be the same in all the devices you open it. We have many PDF Converters available for PC and mobile devices to convert different files into PDF documents. Instead of having a separate PDF Converter for your PC and browser, you can install “Any Files to PDF” in Chrome to quickly convert files into PDF documents even when you are not connected to the Internet. You can convert more than 100 file formats into a PDF document using this application.

any files to pdf

Sketchpad 3.5

Sketchpad is an image and vector editing application for Chrome. The native HTML5 support lets you edit all the HTML5 documents quickly using the app. It lets you import images and files from your computer and edit easily. Since it has an offline support, you can edit and create vector documents on the go. All the vector images can be completely customized using the app. Different brushes, hundreds of fonts, filters, etc., gives a beautiful vector image from your browser.

sketchpad 3.5


Pocket is an excellent news reading application across devices. It lets you subscribe to different blogs and websites and read updates from all them in a single place. Also, you can bookmark and save web pages on the go to read later. All your saved pages and subscriptions will be synced to all the other devices. This new offline support for Pocket will let you read all your saved web pages and subscriptions, even when you are not connected to the Internet. This app will be a great companion while you are traveling.

If I’ve missed any of your favorite offline apps for Chrome, please let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.



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