Restrict people from checking out ALL your photos on your phone with Here, Look

Everyone gets ticked by a common problem nowadays. You’ve taken a picture or two with your iPhone, it’s interesting enough to show it to your friends or family. As soon you’ll hand your phone over to them to take a peek and next thing you know, they’re scrolling, looking at every picture you have in there. Sure, you can quickly snatch the phone and tell them it’s not ethical, but you can’t most of the times.

To remedy that, Paul Roub came up with an idea. He with the help of Jekyll Bootstrap and Twitter Bootstrap, came up with an app that solves that problem. Check out ‘Here, Look’. Here, Look is an IOS app that gives you the ability to pick the photos from your camera gallery you want your friend to see, while keeping the other ones private.


Assuming you have downloaded the app. Before showing your friends the picture you want to, launch the app, go to your photo album and choose/tap the pictures you want to show. Tap “Here, Look” and hand the phone to your friend. They’ll see a full-screen gallery of just those photos, which they can scroll through as much as they want.


After you’ve disappointed them and have handed your phone back, just triple-tap a photo and you’re good to go. We at BlogsDna try to cover free applications only, but this one is too good and costs only a dollar. Had to make an exception to fix those first world problems and secure your privacy.

Check out Here, Look at iTunes.

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