Get an instant preview of an article without leaving the page with Hover Reader

A lot of us go through a plethora of links on a daily basis. Besides the basic description, we have to click the article to see all of it. What if, there’s a way by which you can take a quick peek at a link, see if it’s interesting or to your liking? We just found one!

Hover Reader is an awesome Chrome extension that gives us the ability to get an instant preview and read an entire article without leaving the page you are on.


Instead of opening tons and tons of tabs in Google Chrome, all you have to do is hover over any link and it will display the entire scroll-able article. That’s not all, there are a couple of more interesting features Hover Reader has to offer. For example, you’re on a website, and upon hovering (unintentionally) a link, you’re getting a preview and it’s getting on your nerves, simply click on the extension icon (top right) and click ‘disable on this domain’. It won’t show you any preview after that, you’ll need to refresh the website however.


The second feature is that you can change the font name and size. Although, it offers only three font options, Helvetica, Times New Roman and Arial, size limit is 10 to 24.

Verdict: Hover Reader is definitely a tool I’ll be using from now on since I spend a lot of my time (online) to check out new stuff for you guys and sometimes I can’t keep track. With Hover Reader, I can simply take a sneak peak, see if it’s interesting and useful and move on.

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Download Hover Reader for Chrome.



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