Monitor how much time you’re spending on your phone with BreakFree

According to a recent study, “In March of 2014, there were 176 million Mobile Addicts, up from 79 million in March of 2013. That is astonishing growth in a single year. This compares to 55% growth for a category we’re calling Super Users and 23% for Regular Users, who launch apps 16 times or less per day.”

Look around you, almost everyone has a smart phone. With their heads down, messaging, checking Facebook, playing games etc, no one wants to interact with each other on a human level. This is a problem and to bring this down, Mrigaen and Nupur Kapadia came with a solution in form of BreakFree app.


BreakFree is an app, currently catering Android users, tracks how much time you’re spending looking at your phone. And gives you a heads-up when it might be time for a break. The app has a character named ‘Sato’. It sends you a warning with timely notifications whenever you’re in the zone, using an app/game for a long time etc.

Another interesting feature Breakfree provides is giving you the ability to disable your internet (on the phone), reject phone calls automatically, sending auto text messages etc. You can disable these tools with a schedule. Let’s assume you’re going to an important meeting. You can schedule your phone to disable sound and internet, so that you are not disturbed by calls and notifications during this time.


You can view the usage stats for your addiction score, top used apps, call patterns and other functions. And also monitor your children’s phone usage, schedule internet hours and much more.

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BreakFree is currently only available on Android, but will be available for IOS soon.

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