5 Must Have Security Extensions For Chrome

Chrome has all the necessary protections against security threats, but the mistakes from user side can violate the security of the browser. It is important to know the basic security tips, but the user cannot sit and watch all the browser activities. Some of the malware and adware application will automatically execute without user’s knowledge. So, a good security application is essential for all the Chrome users. Previously, I wrote about necessary extensions to protect user’s privacy. Today I’ve come with a set of extensions to protect the security of your Chrome browser.

Click & Clean

Click & Clean is an ultimate security extension for Chrome. It clears your browser history and cookies when you exit from the browser. While you are browsing, some of the websites will store Flash cookies on your browser to track your activities. These flash cookies can steal the user data and violate the privacy. Click & Clean will delete those cookies as soon as you exit from the browser. Also, it will increase the speed of your computer by deleting the junk data on your hard drive. The app will constantly scan for Malware applications and do a privacy test to protect your browser security.

Vanilla Cookie Manager

Cookies in a browser help you to quickly load websites and keep some important user data for quick access, but it can be a threat sometimes. As I said in the previous extension, flash cookies may steal the user data. That doesn’t mean cookies are completely bad, they are also essential sometimes. So, instead of blindly deleting all the cookies, you can install Vanilla Cookie Manager in your browser to keep the useful ones and delete the unwanted cookies. The extension will completely block the websites which are saving flash cookies in your browser.

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vanilla cookie manager

HTTPS Everywhere

HTTP is the common gateway to most of the websites on the Internet. “S” in HTTPS stands for secured connection. So, websites using HTTPS are trusted ones and secure by default. By using HTTPS Everywhere for Chrome, you can check whether the website is secure or not. The extension will warn you if the website doesn’t have “HTTPS” connection. Most of the websites have both “HTTP” and “HTTPS” connection. Sometimes it will connect through “HTTP” by default. This extension will change “HTTPS” as a default gateway to all your websites.

http secure

Privacy Badger

Privacy Badger protects the security of your browser by blocking the third party applications which track you on the web. There will be three different signals to let you know whether the web application is tracking you or not. The “Red”, shows the website is tracking you, “Yellow” means don’t share any cookies or user data with the website and “Green” shows the website is safe to browse and will not track you. If you think the website has been blocked by mistake, you can override the extension in the “Settings” menu.

Privacy badger

Trustwave Secure Browsing

Trustwave protects you from malicious links on the websites you visit. Either you are searching on Google or browsing on your Facebook timeline, it will show you which links are safe to open. Also, when you receive a link in your email, this extension will scan that link and let you know whether it is safe to open or not. All the links appear on the websites will be automatically scanned by Trustwave to protect your security. It is a must have extension for all the Chrome users.

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trustwaveIf I’ve missed any of your favorite extensions for Chrome, please let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.



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