Create Email Reminders To Complete Your Tasks On Time

There are many task managing applications available out there. It can manage all your to-dos and remind you the work at the time you need to do it. Instead of using a separate application to maintain your to-dos, now you can use your email application to remind you the tasks you need to complete. Since, email apps can be configured in all the mobile device and PC, using Email as a reminder tool is a best choice. Reme. io is the web application which lets you create instant email reminders for all your tasks. Here’s how it works.

Reme is a free web application, where you can create email reminders for any date and time instantly. You don’t need to register or connect with your social accounts to start using the application. Just go to the app and start creating the reminders. The interface and options of the application are pretty simple to understand. All you have to do is, just enter the task for which you need to receive an email reminder. Then select the date and time from the list boxes below. After completing it, enter the email id where you need to receive the reminder mail. you think, you might miss the email,  you can add your friends using “Add another email recipient” option. Also, if you have multiple email ids you can use the same option to set the remainder for both. The app lets you add any number of recipients to your reminder. It will be very helpful when you are working as a team or while working on a group project. When you receive the reminder message on your mail, there will be two options in the window. Either you can reschedule the reminder or create a new one in the application.

RELATED:  Incredible Start Page: Gives A Productive New Tab Page in Chrome have many email client applications available for PC and mobile devices. Also, emails are the most used applications in all the Smartphones and PC, so getting reminders in email will help you to complete the tasks on time. Try to set your task reminders and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

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