Inky: A Simple and Efficient Email Client For Windows, Mac and iOS Devices

There is no shortage of email clients for Mac, Windows and iOS devices. All of them have their own default email clients and many third party applications were available. An email client should have a clean and clutter free interface and should offer a good readability. Many default apps failed to do that. That’s why people prefer third party email clients for their usage. Many free email clients offer a premium quality interface and features for PC and mobile devices. Previously, I wrote about “Mailbird“, an excellent free email client application for Windows. Today I’ve come with an another simple and efficient email client application called “Inky”, which works across devices.



Inky is a free email client application available for Windows, Mac and iOS devices. You can download the app using the links at the end of this post. The installation is pretty quick and simple as compared to other email client applications. One of the unique features of Inky is, it works based on a cloud account. So, before configuring your email ids, you need to create a cloud account. This cloud account can be used across devices to sync all your email accounts and settings of the application. After you create the cloud account and configure your email ids, the app will walk you through the instructions.


Inky will not store your email id or password in their servers, it directly connects to the servers of your email service. Several Smart views are available in the application to organize emails based on different conditions. Similar to swipeable sidebar on Smartphone apps, there will be a dock available on the sidebar, will let you switch between emails, access labels, application settings, etc.. An important option is, you can quickly unsubscribe from any list to avoid spam in your Inbox.

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An interesting feature in Inky is, it will show you the important messages with a colored ink drop and less important messages will have a faded ink drop. If Inky wrongly predicts a message, you can give feedback to correct it next time. The inbuilt cloud service called “ADrive” will let you upload files to that and send the download link to your recipient. This option will be very useful for people who need to send large files in an email. If you are looking for a free email client for your PC, Mac or iOS, Inky is worth giving a try. Share your views about the app in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

Download Inky for Windows, Mac and iOS devices



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