How To Play Songs and Videos In A Locked Android Device

When you are travelling in a car with your friends or while surfing on the Internet, there is no default option to play videos in the background. When you move on to the next application, the video will be automatically closed. If you have a newly downloaded video and you badly want to see while driving the car or at least want to hear the audio, we have an application for that. Background Media Player and Background Video Player let you play Songs and Videos in the background, even your screen is locked. Here’s how it works.


The Background Media Player and Video players are free applications for Android, which lets you play music and videos in the background. You can download the apps using the links at the end of this post. Once you complete the installation, you will see a home page as shown in the screenshots. The interface of the apps is pretty simple and easy to understand. Since, both the applications are from the same developer,  it carries the same options and interface. background-media-player-2

The background video player application has all the options on the top. Just play the video you want to see. It will play all the videos in a loop. In full screen mode, you can navigate between the videos by just tapping on the left and right side of the screen for previous and next videos. This function will work even your device is locked. So, when you are travelling in a car, even your device locks automatically video will not be closed. Also, if you navigate to a different application, the video will be running in the background.

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The background media player lets you play songs from your device and stream music and videos from YouTube. The video player also works in the same way. All the videos and music you play from your device and stream from YouTube will be running in the background, even you navigate to different applications or lock the device. It is a very tiny application, which supports from Android 2.2 and above. Try this app on your Android device and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

Download Background Video Player

Download Background Media Player



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