5 Must Have Add-Ons For All The Thunderbird Users

Thunderbird is definitely one of the best email clients out there. Most of the email client applications don’t support third party applications to enhance its functionality. Since Thunderbird is an open source application, it has plenty of add-ons available on the web store to boost its performance. These add-ons will add more functions to manage your emails, attachments, options, etc.. Some of the features available in premium email clients are available here as add-ons. I’ve handpicked five best add-ons in that and listed below.

Dropbox For Filelink

If Dropbox is your primary cloud account, this is a must have add-on in your Thunderbird email client. It connects your Dropbox account to Thunderbird to quickly attach files from your cloud account. If you want to send a bunch of images or a set of documents in email, this application will be very helpful. Instead of attaching the files one by one, you can upload all the files to your Dropbox account and attach all the files in a single link to your email with the help of this extension. It saves a lot of time, also organize your email attachments in Dropbox.

drop-box file link

Quick Passwords

Quick Passwords is a very useful tool for people who need to maintain a lot of passwords. The default “Remember Password” option in the application will not be that secured and there are chances of password getting stolen. Quick Passwords help you to secure those login passwords in your Thunderbird application. All the username and passwords will be kept secured with the help of a master password. Just right click on the login form and your username and password will be filled automatically.

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quick passwords

Send Later

Send Later lets you schedule emails on your Thunderbird application. If you are sending an email to a different time zone, this add-on will be very helfpul to make sure that the email reaches them while they are awake. By default, there will be a 15 minutes, 30 minutes and 2 hours delay button on the application. Also, it lets you set your custom time for the email to reach the recipient. The app perfectly syncs with “Copy-to-outbox” feature on the Thunderbird application.

send later


Enigmail is a security add-on available for Thunderbird and Sea Monkey.  Though Gmail and other email services are secure by default, it is important to add more security to your important files while sending it through the email. Enigmail will automatically encrypt all the outgoing messages through Thunderbird application. It keeps your confidential mails away from the prying eyes and protects all the important files attached to your emails. It is a must have application for all the Thunderbird users.


Thunderbird Conversations

Thunderbird conversations give a thread style view for all your mail conversations. All the emails received and sent from a contact will be grouped together and made into threaded conversations. It will look similar to the new Gmail interface. All the previous messages of a particular contact will be shown in a single window. It will be more convenient to use than the classic conversation look on the Thunderbird. The small reply box below the mail will open a new window to type the reply to an email conversation.

thunderbird conversations

If I’ve missed any of your favorite Thunderbird add-ons, please let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

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