How To Quickly Block Applications On Windows

By default Windows offers access towards all the applications installed on your PC. Some of the applications may contain important data and you want to protect it from your kids and other family members. Parental control is the only default option in Windows to restrict the access over installed applications. Apart from parental controls, we have many third party applications available on the Internet to block the application usage. Simple Run Blocker is one such application for Windows, which quickly enable and disable the access over installed applications on your PC. Here’s how it works.


Simple Run Blocker is tiny free application for Windows. The application needs less than 1MB of memory space on your PC to work. You can download the app using the link at the end of this post. The application is very simple and easy to understand. Once you complete the installation, you will see a window as shown in the screenshot aboveThe top menu bar contains all the options of the application. To start adding applications, click the “+” button on the menu and choose the app. That’s all, access towards the application will be revoked.


You can add any number of installed applications to the Simple Run Blocker. There will be a list box available near to the menu bar. It contains three options to enable/disable the access restriction. The first option will block all the applications available in that list. Next option will block all the installed applications except the ones in the list. The last option will disable blocking. So, these three options will let you block and unblock the applications quickly and easily.

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Another important option in the application is the “Settings”. It lets you hide or lock any partition on your hard drive, show hidden files and restart the windows explorer. To save all your settings, click the tick mark icon on the menu after you complete. Simple Run Blocker is a must have application for all the windows users. The application is small, portable and will be an added security in your Windows machine. Try this app on your PC and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.



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