How To Find Battery Power Status On MacBook Pro

Macbook Pro with the retina display is much thinner and lighter than the MBP without the retina display. It does not have battery indicator at the side of the chassis whereas MacBook Pro without the retina display does have it. Apple’s MacBook Pro is meant for the battery backup. MacBook Air stands up in terms of consuming less battery power. In MBP without retina display, The battery power status can be seen using the battery indicator which is available at the side of the chassis.

The same can be checked in the menu bar. But, Some users might have disabled it from being shown in the menu bar to be more simple and clean as apple wants to be. For those kind of users, There is a way to check the battery status from the System Preferences. Follow the instruction to do so. This will save the time and make your travel more ease.

Step 1:

Open “System Preferences”

Step 2:

Click on “Energy Saver”

Battery Status - MAC

Step 3:

Let it be on “Battery / Power Adapter”

Step 4:

The current status of the battery and percentage will be shown down.

Battery Status - MAC

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