How To Create Playlists On iTunes

iTunes provides lots of features to its users. Movies, Music, TV shows and Apps can be downloaded through it. Apple constantly works on it, keeps upgrading the application and addresses lots of issues. In the latest stable version of iTunes, Apple fixed the problem persisted with the podcasts unexpected download and improved stability performances.

iTunes let the users to add the media tracks to it. It will enable the users to watch & listen to those tracks and sync them to any iDevices. When adding lots of tracks to it, Obviously the users might want to have their desired tracks in some sort of playlists. iTunes lets the users to create such playlists. Here is a way to do that.

Step 1:

Open “iTunes”

Step 2:

Go to File –> New –> Playlist


iTunes Playlists


Click on “+” at the lower left bottom corner of the sidebar to get the pop up menu. Choose “New Playlist”


iTunes Playlists


Step 3:

Give the name for your playlist. The name can be edited by clicking on it later


iTunes Playlists


Step 4:

Now, Go to any album, Choose the tracks you want to and right click on it.

Step 5:

From the pop up menu choose “Add to playlist”, Select the playlist and Click on it. The selected tracks have been added to the playlist

The chosen tracks can dragged and dropped in the desired playlist. It will be the quickest way to add the tracks.

iTunes Playlists


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