How To Delete Duplicate Tracks From iTunes 11

iTunes is the medium to transfer the media tracks to iDevices. It is the default player for Macintosh operating system. This will organise the media library. When discuss about organising the library there could be possibilities of having the duplicate tracks. This will be more annoying for the users as it will consume more storage space in the computer and iDevices as well.

There is an easy method to find and delete the duplicate tracks from the iTunes library. iTunes allows the users to do this in two ways. Deleting the duplicate tracks is the first option. The second one is, exactly deleting the duplicate tracks. The users might have to understand the difference between these two options to use it more efficiently.

Lets consider the same track is available in 2 albums. This might be the way it has to be. This should not be considered as duplicate tracks. These 2 tracks will be shown as duplicate tracks when using the 1st option whereas it will not when using the 2nd option. The second option will be the exact way of deleting the duplicate tracks. Here is a way to do so.

Step 1:

Open “iTunes”

Step 2:

Click on “View”

Step 3:

Click on “Show Duplicate Items” 


iTunes Duplicate Tracks


For MAC users, Hold “Alt” key and Click on Show Exact Duplicate Items. For Windows users, Press Shift Key and Click on View to see Show Exact Duplicate Items


iTunes Duplicate Tracks


Step 4:

Now, Choose the tracks from list which you want to delete.

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