How To Find Out Who Is Using Your WiFi Connection

Security is the primary concern for all the users on the Internet. Especially people who are using WiFi connections, should know about all the necessary security measures. Using strong passwords will not make your connection secured. Still, hackers and intruders can find the vulnerabilities and violate your privacy. On the other way around, limited bandwidth users need to protect their WiFi from neighbors and strangers to avoid the excess usage. There are many apps available to protect your WiFi connection. Today I’ve come with one such application called “Who Is On My WiFi”, which lets you know who are all connected to your WiFi network. Here’s how it works.

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“Who Is On My WiFi” is a free network scanning application for Windows. You can download the app from its official site using the link at the bottom. Once you complete the installation, it will take you to the homepage as shown in the screenshot above. On the home page, all the options will be available at the top right corner. Click “Settings” to set the scan frequency and notifications while the app finds an intruder. You can set an IP range in the Settings and the app will scan your WiFi network every two minutes by default.

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The app also has an option to push notification whenever it finds a new connection. You can add trusted devices to avoid unwanted notifications. Not only with your personal WiFi connection, the app also works with Public WiFi connections. If you have connected to a WiFi network in a Hotel or in an Airport, you can see all the devices connected to that particular network with the help of this application. Whenever you find a new device in your network, you can explore all of its details with the help of this tool for windows.

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The app actually does port scanning to explore the devices connected to your network. So, be careful while scanning secured public networks. It may trigger an alarm in their side. The app works great for personal use and you can easily protect your WiFi connection from the prying eyes. Try this app on your Windows machine and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

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