How To Intelligently Zoom In And Out On Safari

Macintosh operating system provides lots of in-built applications. Safari is one among them to browse the internet. It’s a default browser to surf through the internet. It becomes more elegant in each update. There are lots of extensions available to make it more adorable and useful.

Nowadays, Safari becomes more intelligent to work with. It understands what an user needs. Zoom in and out is one of a kind. This lets the users to zoom out and in with text only or the whole web page. The Zoom text only is really an useful option for small fonts and doesn’t make the page more clumsy. Here are the steps to Zoom out and in.

Step 1:

Open any webpage in “Safari”

Step 2:

Go to “View” tab

Step 3:

Click on Zoom in / out to zoom all the contents including images and videos

Zoom in and out

Step 4:

Having “Zoom Text Only” chosen, Click on Zoom in / out to zoom only the text area not all the contents including images and videos. This will be more tidy to read



Step 5:

Click on “Actual Size” to revert it to the way it was displayed



Keyboard Shortcuts:

Zoom in


Zoom out


Actual Size



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