How To Sort Media Files On iTunes

iTunes is the default media player for MAC users. The music, video and TV shows can be played in this. It contains app store. The app store will have apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod. Nowadays, A lot of people are switched to listening to music through online. It frees them from dumping the files into their mobile phones.

When the users add the media files to it, It will be automatically sorted. It provides the various options to browse the files in Songs, Albums, Artists, Genres and Playlists. It might be little hard for the people who switched from iTunes 10 to iTunes 11 as the viewing options has been revamped. For sure, anyone of the new viewing options would suite the need. After adding the media files, The users might want it to be sorted in the other way around. iTunes lets you do that with variety of pre-defined sorting procedures as per the chosen view. Here is how to do it with the view chosen as Albums.

Step 1:

Open “iTunes”

Step 2:

Go to “View”

Step 3:

Click on “Show View Options”


iTunes Album Sorting


Step 4:

Change “Sort by” and “then” fields according to your need

Step 5:

Click on the “Close” button in the pop up window

iTunes Album Sorting


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