How To Set MAC To Sleep, Restart And Shutdown Automatically

Lots of computer users work with it for long time. Some of them might forget to put the computer to sleep or shutdown and couple of them would have searched a way around to make this process happen automatically. Macintosh operating system provides this feature in-built. The users do not need any third party applications. It will do everything automatically. It will save more energy of the MAC and extend the hardware components life and reliability.

Some applications might need scheduled restart of the computer machine. This scheduled process will be more useful when the MAC runs on the battery power. It can be set when the MAC is plugged with the power adapter or runs on battery power. Here are the steps to schedule.

Step 1:

Open “System Preferences”

Step 2:

Click on “Energy Saver”

Scheduled Process - MAC

Step 3:

Choose “Battery / Power Adapter “

Step 4:

Click on “Schedule” at the lower right corner of the window

Scheduled Process - MAC

Step 5:

Choose “Sleep” checkbox, If it is not

Step 6:

Choose the list of options Sleep / Restart / Shutdown from the drop down list

Step 7:

Set the Day to Every Day / Weekdays / Weekends 

Step 8:

Set the Time

Step 9:

Click on “OK”


Scheduled Process - MAC


That’s it. Now, you’re done. The MAC will do this process automatically for you.

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