How To Do Quick Lookup Dictionary On MAC

When the people switch from the other operating systems to Macintosh, they really wonder about the features it has got. It offers lots of hidden features. Quick Lookup Dictionary is one of a kind. The users might want to lookup the definition for the words. On MAC, The users can refer the definition for the words without opening any other applications. The operating system itself offers the option.

This lookup method will work on emails, documents, safari, etc. By default, Apple fetches the word searches from Oxford Dictionary, Thesaurus, Apple Dictionary and Wikipedia There are easy ways to do quick lookup in Dictionary on Macintosh operating system. Here are some of the ways listed.

Tap With Three Fingers:

To do this lookup, The option has to be enabled in System Preferences –> Trackpad –> Point & Click –> Lookup

Dictionary - Quick Lookup - MAC

Once it is enabled, Place the mouse pointer on any word in the document. In some documents, The cursor won’t be visible. But the MAC will track where it was clicked. Tap with three fingers and you will see the definition window.


Dictionary - Quick Lookup - MAC


Using Right Click:

The definition window can be brought through right click pop up window. Place the mouse pointer and press control key and click on that word.

Dictionary - Quick Lookup - MAC

Click on Lookup option from the poped up menu.


Dictionary - Quick Lookup - MAC


Through KB Shortcut:

The same definition window can be brought through the kb shortcut. Press Control + Command + D to see the definition window.

Dictionary - Quick Lookup - MAC

From Spotlight Search:

Enter the word in spotlight search bar. Navigate to that word or press Command + L to switch to that word right away. This will pop up the definition window.

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Quick Lookup Dictionary - MAC




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