How To Change The Order Of The KB Languages On iPhone

The iPhone users might need multiple languages to type while messaging, emailing, etc. iPhone supports multiple languages to input the text box. This is one of the must have features in the phones. iOS 7.1.1 update fixes the bugs which will impact keyboard responsiveness. After the update, The users will feel the difference while typing.

iPhone limits the number of languages for the phone whereas it has got more number of languages for the keyboard text input. The users have to add the input languages in the iPhone settings.  After adding the languages and emoji in the iPhone, It will be listed in the keyboard in the order it was added. Some users might want it to be sorted as they wish. Here are the instructions to do so.

Step 1:

Go to “Settings”

Step 2:

Tap on “General”

Step 3:

Go to “Keyboard”

Sort KB Languages - iPhone

Step 4:

Tap on “Edit”

Step 5:

Tap and Hold on the three bars which is at the right side of the each language. Drag and place it in the place which you want

Step 6:

Tap on “Done” 

Sort KB Languages - iPhone

You can switch between the languages in KB by tapping on the globe icon

Sort KB Languages - iPhone

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