How To Resize Window More Efficiently On MAC

Resizing the windows in any computer machine is an art. This plays a vital role in increasing the productivity when working with multiple windows opened. Especially, When work with the multiple displays this will help a lot to be more precise in what has to be done. By dragging at the end of any corner or any side of the window will resize it. This is the normal way of resizing the window.

Some users might need to resize the window in some specific ways according to their needs. By using the below window resizing methods, the users can resize the windows to position it centered, to maintain the window aspect ratio. Here are the instructions to do so.

With Alt / Option Key:

Press Alt / Option key while resizing the window diagonally at any corner of the window. This will keep the window positioned centered while having the window resized

Resizing the window - Alt / Option


Pressing the same key to have the window resized top / bottom while having it centered


Resizing the window - Alt / Option


With Shift Key:

Press Shift Key while resizing to have the window to maintain the aspect ratio. This will serve the purpose for the windows which have images or photos or videos


Resizing the window - Shift


With Shift + Alt / Option Key:

Press Shift + Alt / Option key will help you to resize the window positioned centered and at the same time to maintain the aspect ratio


Resizing the window - Shift + Alt / Option


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