How To Browse And Import Photographs Without iPhoto On MAC

Photographs are the reminiscences of the events which we had. A lot of people use their digital cameras or mobile phones or some other devices to capture the photographs. These photographs can be imported to the computer machines using some dedicated photo editing tools. By default, MAC uses iPhoto to import the pictures. It provides lots of functions to work with the imported photographs. Face tagging, Event creations are the notable features of it. It makes the pictures browsing and organising more simple.

The MAC machine might have it installed when it arrives or the users have to download it from the app store. It’s a pretty larger app to download with low speed internet connection users. For those kind of users, apple has another application installed on MAC, called Image Capture. Using this, The photographs can be easily imported from the devices to the computer machine. Go through the below instructions to do so.

Step 1:

Open “Image Capture” from lanuchpad or applications or spotlight search

Step 2:

Choose the image capture device from the left side pane

Image Capture - MAC

Step 3:

It will start reading and showing the photographs. It can be sorted using the tabs, If you want to sort to


Image Capture - MAC


Step 4:

Choose the specific photographs or all

Step 5:

Choose the folder from the list. Click other, If you want to create new folder

Step 6:

Click on Import / Import All as per your need. Now, You have imported the photographs to your desired folder without iPhoto on MAC


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Image Capture - MAC





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