How To Seamlessly Merge All Windows In Finder On MAC

Finder is one of the great file explorers in Macintosh operating system. It lets the users to organise the files efficiently. The finder has got more gorgeous after the Mavericks update. Mavericks has come with lots of features added. It has got positive and negative reviews from the users. The main advantage of updating the OS to Mavericks is the multiple display support. It allows to have menu in the other displays.

It will be really helpful who is filled with multiple displays on their desk to increase the productivity. When talk about the multiple displays the finder comes into the scene. Mavericks brought tabs browsing feature in the Finder windows. The user might have opened lots of finder windows in tabs or separately. It will be cluttered as they have to work with it. The users might want to merge all the finder windows into tabs in single finder window. It can be done by dragging and dropping in the finder window as it has to be done in the browser tabs.

It should be done for each and every opened finder window. It would be little time consuming. How ease it would be, If there is single KB shortcut to achieve this. There is such one, Here are the instructions to do that.

Step 1:

Go to any opened “Finder” window.

Step 2:

Click on “Window” from the menu bar

Step 3:

Click on  “Merge All Windows”

Finder Merge All Windows - MAC

Step 4:

The same can be achieved with pressing Option + Command + M keys to merge all windows. Voila! It merges all the opened windows into the root finder window with astounding graphics.

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Finder Merge All Windows - MAC




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