NowDoThis: Simple yet effective, web based To-Do list

We all have to do a lot of things everyday, putting them in a To-Do list usually makes us more pro’active. Realizing that we have a particular task and we have to finish it in a certain amount of time makes us more alert. Sure, we stumble upon a variety of to-do list apps and services out there but ‘NowDoThis’ is probably one of the most simplest of them all.

You are not required to download anything, sign-up for any account. All you need to do is visit the website and type in your To-Do list.


That’s it. You can also add a timer to your To-Do list with NowDoThis. For example, if you want to (in my case) write, for lets say 1 hour. Type in “Write for 1 hour” and it’ll add a countdown timer to that task.


Clicking on ‘ready’ will start the To-Do list. If you’ve added the duration to any task (here I added it to the first one) – you’ll see the timer. Clicking on ‘start’ will begin the timer and you’ll know how much you’ve left to do it.

All in all, it’s a great service, definitely one of the most simplest yet effective ever.

Check out NowDoThis

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